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Nov 23, 2011

The Dad Box

The Dad Box by Sherry Mills #1

THE DAD BOX was inspired by the pain and strength of my Father. Though a devastating car crash broke him, and Parkinson’s has shaped his movements and speech, his unyielding spirit still remarks at the magnificence of the new apples on his tree. He epitomizes what it means to… MORE

Nov 23, 2011

Close-Up Still Prints from The Dad Box

Crib Dash - Still from The Dad Box by Sherry Mills

Close-up photographic stills from the interior and top of THE DAD BOX. Click to see all 6. MORE

Nov 23, 2011

Performance on the mini tv inside The Dad Box

Still from the miniature tv performance inside The Dad Box

A short performance art piece I made for THE DAD BOX, which plays from the miniature television set inside of the box. MORE

Nov 18, 2011

Stills from The Rapunzel Box

Rapunzel Leg

Photo stills from THE RAPUNZEL BOX. Click MORE to see all 8. MORE

Nov 18, 2011

On the set of “Butterfly & the Beast”

The Rapunzel Box on set

THE RAPUNZEL BOX on the set of “Butterfly & the Beast.” Photo by Nathalie Michel. MORE

Nov 17, 2011

The Rapunzel Box

The Rapunzel Box by Sherry Mills #1

I was asked to produce a work to serve as the centerpiece of a scene in the short film “Butterfly & the Beast,” created by Joe Nardelli and Nathalie Michel. THE RAPUNZEL BOX represents my adaptation of Joe’s script, in which “the Beast” behind the lens falls in love with the illusive, wanderlust French teacher Rapunzel, a woman he never attains. The box personifies the Beast’s heartache, Rapunzel’s shunning, a student’s self-involvement, and hints at the instrumental waves that carry the drama to its climax.

Click MORE to see all 14 images.

Nov 17, 2011

Pierre Baldacchino Just Drew My Picture…

Sherry by Pierre

Pierre Baldacchino, of Disney, surprised me with this drawing today! Click MORE for two additional versions. MORE

Nov 11, 2011

Stills from The Rodrigo Box

Dance Anyway from The Rodrigo Box

Last week I shared photos of my commissioned box art piece The Rodrigo Box. Here are the stills I created from that box, shooting inside and around it. These stills will soon be available for sale in my new online shop. Keep on the lookout for that announcement. Click MORE to see all six! MORE

Nov 11, 2011

Documentary In Progress

Parading Truck Trailer by the Plants

When my A CLOSER NY imagery made its first outdoor appearance as a 40 foot scaffolding installation on E. 4th Street in 2009 (as part of FAB’s ArtUp Program), I was approached by young French filmmaker Nathalie Michel. She had an interest in making a short about my creative process. New to the US, Nathalie struck me as a hyper-perceptive being with a quiet secret. I’ve watched her create with a calm and grace atypical of most film directors. She believes there’s another way MORE

Nov 11, 2011

Sitting on patterns on 14th street

Sherry Mills Outfit - Patterns at The Crooked Knife

I found my favorite seat at The Crooked Knife. Click MORE if you’d like to see my left hand. MORE

Nov 5, 2011

The Rodrigo Box

The Rodrigo Box by Sherry Mills

The Rodrigo Box was created for a gentle and outrageous man in New York City named Rodrigo. It speaks to the themes and challenges that he encounters in his life – from not feeling accepted by his family for his sexuality, to wanting to bust free from submissive patterns and roar in his professional life, to his striving to open and ready himself for a fulfilling partnership. It’s time to dance… MORE

Nov 5, 2011

Stills from my Perspective Show at Rogue

Perspective Show - observer of The Dad Box

Photos of my box art debut show entitled Perspective at Rogue Gallery, Chelsea, NYC 2011 – photos by Alex Bershaw! MORE

Nov 2, 2011

Perspective Show at Rogue Gallery, Chelsea

Perspective Show, Sherry Mills

Short video highlighting my commissioned box art Perspective Show in Chelsea at Rogue Gallery by Kevin O’Hanlon of Film On Artists. MORE