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Sep 28, 2012


From my A CLOSER NY Sidewalk Collection.

Sep 21, 2012


Candy counters are the bars of children. They promise a carefree high of energy and fraternity. Pixie sticks were the Mojitos of my middle school life. But let’s not forget… MORE

Sep 7, 2012


Just as I’ve always been stumped as to why we’ve termed our nuisance teeth that must often be extracted “wisdom” and not something like “compost” so that we would actually be removing something we wanted “out of our home” as it were (and so that we would’t have to question whether we’d just lost some intelligence in the dentist’s chair)… I’m similarly intrigued that we go around saying to each other “trust your gut” as something synonymous with following your intuition, your inner voice, whereas “to gut” means “to destroy the inside of a building; to plunder; to take out the central points of something”. Which leads me to… Must I destroy something in order for my intuition to take over and build me a new mental home that serves me better? And to that my answer is… MORE