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Jan 30, 2013


Featured here is a YOU box commissioned as a gift for Alex, the son of one of my Kickstarter backers! A snapshot of Alex: He is on the cusp of graduating from Harvard; he’s a carnivore living in the vegetarian co-op on campus (and happens to love ham and salami sandwiches); he can be found reading in Caffe Reggio on Macdougal Street or riding his prized bicycle when visiting his hometown, NYC; he’s a deep thinker and philosopher, arts chair of his school newspaper, the Crimson, and he dreams of living in Cairo!

For the Alex project, I chose to go with a 4-drawer vintage matchbox structure so that I could speak to some of his loves and goals in a more segregated way. I spruced up the front of the box with an original “Good Luck Matches” label, to send an obvious well wishes message to Alex about his future. The dollhouse miniature ham sandwiches in the lower right drawer were handcrafted in England, and next to them at left is an original frame from a contact sheet I made in college, of a Portsmouth, NH exterior that I felt had a Harvard-esque vibe. Most of the other elements were extracted from old cookbooks, advertisements, and stacks of ephemera!

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Jan 30, 2013


A little Kickstarter reward for backer Gillian in Ontario, somewhat of an old fashioned ode to Happy Hour! The Redheads label at the face of the box is Australian vintage. The yellow flowers in the vase come from my childhood collection. Click for more views! MORE

Jan 30, 2013


Matchbox reward made for one of my Kickstarter backers, musician Lyndse Rae Faba in Ohio! The piano keys box is from the ’80s. MORE

Jan 23, 2013


Featured here is a YOU box commissioned as a surprise gift for a woman named Judy. A Van Gogh scholar who has recently ventured into exoticism and the 18th century, Judy also loves writing, tennis, Paris and St. Lucia, cooking, and complicated recipes!

For Judy’s box I chose an Ohio Blue Tip Matchbox from 1955 called “Early American Fireplace”, upon which Van Gogh and an exotic figure from Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty show make appearances. The interior backdrop and beach flooring are shots from St. Lucia. A dollhouse miniature refrigerator door is held open by a vintage tennis racquet graphic and a spring-loaded frying pan. And another McQueen character and a billowy-sleeved tennis player stand on the ledge of a pool of St. Lucian water in the background. Other appearances made by: cabbage, corn, a vintage range, pancakes, an egg, and Reynolds Wrap.

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Jan 23, 2013


Shown above is a YOU box made as a present for the fiancee of my Kickstarter backer Michael is Los Angeles! For years, the couple has dreamed of a ‘me, you & coconuts’ lifestyle. Michael wanted to gift a box featuring a tropical location that could tie in their long haired dachshund (a major love in their lives). From Michael’s profile, I learned that relaxing under a palm tree on a beach in Hawaii described his favorite location, a Fender electric guitar was one of his favorite objects, and potatoes were among his favorite foods.

For Michael’s box I chose a 1950s Knutsen Cruise Line Matchbox in excellent condition. The interior side wall graphics came from an old book entitled “Simple Oriental Cookery”. The Hawaiian beach pic on the floor has a palm tree shadow cast that appears to come from the plastic tree installed at right. A patterned dachshund silhouette stands on the beach near a Fender, while Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head stand in for the couple in love.

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Jan 17, 2013


Featured here is a matchbox reward for Kickstarter backer Sarah from Adult Swim. Thanks, Sarah!

The creamy whisk and sugar cubes hanging inside box, and the spoon of ice cream atop the exterior of the box, are resized fragments from a Haagen-Dazs ‘five’ ad. The girl came from a heap of digitized ephemera, and I added some drama to her hair. Click to see all views. MORE

Jan 17, 2013


Here is a mini YOU box commissioned as a gift for a woman named Mimi, an art history professor in NYC. Some facts about Mimi: she’s a great cook of all things Italian; she’s a lover of orchids; her dissertation was on artist Mario Sironi; she is currently working on an Alberto Burri show for the Guggenheim; and in addition to being focused on getting one of her sons into college, she also has her sights set on a house on Martha’s Vineyard.

On the right wall of the drawer of the box is a hint of Burri’s “Sacking and Red” from 1954; the red monster found dominating the landscape is cut from his “Rosso Plastica L.A.” from 1966, and stands atop a floor made of his “Cretto Grande Bianco”. Bridging into the photo of a Vineyard dock in the background is a sliver of Sironi’s painting “Urban Landscape” from 1924, while “The Model of the Sculptor” hangs out on the beach at the box’s face. The vintage box was a one-of-a-kind find; it is hand painted, with the home on the coast made from a shell. Click to see all the pics! MORE

Jan 17, 2013


A little matchbox reward for Kickstarter backer Dana in London. Thanks, Dana!

The vintage label on this box is one of a series printed during the 50s-70s by the Dutch Co-op. The shoe stickers hail from Japan, and the scantily clad figure is a cake topper! Click to see all 9 images. MORE

Jan 11, 2013


Featured here is a YOU box commissioned as a surprise for a good friend of mine named Julie in Bentonville, Arkansas! Some facts about Julie: Her favorite places include Cabo San Lucas and New York City, she loves bisquits and gravy, milk, Facebook, and fashion – in particular shoes – and high on her priorities list are the mothering of her two kids, the development of meaningful relationships, and her spiritual connection.

For Julie’s box I chose a 4 3/4″ wide Ohio Blue Tip “Springtime” Matchbox from 1955; featuring one boy and one girl (like Julie’s kids) and a church, it was a great foundation piece. The mini photo featuring the number 3 at the face of the box is one of my old street photos, and was cut from a Cibachrome contact sheet. (Julie was born on the 3rd of the month, and is also a big supporter of my close-up photography, so it was fun to tie that in.) The rest is just a fun play on her above mentioned interests! Click to see all 20 photos. MORE

Jan 11, 2013


A little Kickstarter reward for the gifted musical coach and producer, Kimberly Vaughn! She’s one hard worker… MORE

Jan 11, 2013


Featured here is a YOU box made as a surprise for the wife of one of my Kickstarter backers, a woman named Gwen in Pleasant Hill, CA! Information I received on Gwen: She’s a terrific Mom to three, is detail oriented, loves antiques and New Zealand, and she’s such a lover of all things animal (in particular anything cute and fuzzy) that she’s been termed the “woodgie queen” by her family! She once saved a baby hedgehog from being run over, and she cares daily for a multitude of cats and chickens, including a Golden Pheasant.

The box I used is a vintage Ohio Blue Tip “Winter Fun” Matchbox from 1955. Its face, together with the applied honey oatmeal from an old ad and the interior waving child from an aged educational book, were included to bring Gwen’s young kids into the mix. The interior walls and floor depict landscapes in New Zealand. And the rest, well, is very woodgie! Click to see all 19 images. MORE

Jan 3, 2013


Featured here is a commissioned YOU box, a surprise gift for a woman named Alice. The elements I had to work with: Alice is new to the Board of MoMA (and taking the learning curve quite seriously), she loves Southern food and swimming, her boat, and has a spectacular style which usually includes exotic beaded jewelry and sometimes rich floral prints! She loves to walk for miles anywhere, with a fondness for New York.

For Alice’s box I chose a matchbox from the 1930s (which originally contained a picture of Stonington, Connecticut’s Cannon Square at its face). I covered the box with a far more festive vintage ‘Lady’ label, which I was happy to let wrap around the side of the box. The yellow dress is a cake topper; the background image is a reappropriated image from an old copy of Jonathan Livingston Seagull; the vintage ladies come from a reservoir of purchased ephemera; and I threw in some NYC grid and collard greens for purposeful effect.

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Jan 3, 2013


A themed matchbox reward for my Kickstarter backer and friend, Brian, in the West Village. Thanks, Brian! Click to see all views. MORE

Jan 3, 2013


A themed matchbox reward for my Kickstarter backer Corey in Tennessee. Thanks, Corey! Click to see all views. MORE