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Feb 28, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for Jake Russack! Jake recently finished three years of flying in Saigon as an airline captain. When not in the air, he could be found chasing his curiosity for ethnic cuisine down side roads of the most remote areas, and posting his discoveries to his food blog Upon his move back to the States to take up a captain position in Atlanta, Jake requested from me a box that would celebrate the adventures of his foreign experiences, something that he could be inspired by observing on a daily basis. Some facts about Jake: One of his favorite places is an airplane cockpit, his favorite foods include lasagna and goulash, and among his objects of choice is a BAe 146!

For Jake’s box I chose a sturdy vintage Ohio Blue Tip matchbox. Its face is scattered with Vietnamese characters and Jake’s favorite aircraft. The background of the interior of the box is a repurposed photo from an old cookbook – demonstrating how to picnic with the family when on the road. The floor of the interior of the box is a segment of a photograph from my A CLOSER NY collection, called RWB. Selected for its patriotic splash, it acts as the foundation upon which Jake’s new foodie adventures in America may spring.

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Feb 21, 2013


A little box made for my brilliantly savvy and warmhearted Kickstarter supporter, Marc Urselli! As a 3-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer and producer, and a kitesurfer, I thought what better of a box treatment than to bring some musicians and their instruments before a miniaturized stereoscopic beach. Click for additional views! MORE

Feb 21, 2013


It’s fun to raise questions without taking sides. This little Kickstarter reward was made for Athena Huckaby, co-Founder of Urban Light Reiki, a woman exemplifying what it means to live one’s truth and shed unwanted stereotypes, a pioneer of empowerment. Click to see all views! MORE

Feb 20, 2013


Featured here is a box commissioned as a gift for a woman named Susan. Some facts about Susan: Some of her favorite activities include yoga, writing, and sharing time with her two teenage children; she loves flowers and cool clothes; she is terrifically generous; she is feeling a bit uprooted since her move to NY from LA 4 years ago (when her genius scientific husband was recruited); and she is interested in finding a sense of purpose in this new chapter of her life.

The matchbox I chose for The Susan Box dates back to 1970. Flowers and rejuvenation were themes demanding much of my attention as I went along. I wanted to pitch to Susan that it was alright to plant her heart here on the East Coast, and that given the beautiful tools she already has in hand – from her pencil to her yoga mat – there was really no space between her and deep contentment. The dollhouse miniature rose bouquet has been with me since childhood, the dress is a cake topper, and yes, that cookie is smiling.

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Feb 13, 2013


Featured here is a work commissioned as a gift for a woman named Hilary, a prize-winning author in a love affair with architecture (primarily French 17th century and American 20th century), and most notably the grid system of NYC. In charge of NYU Abu Dhabi, Hilary appreciates the “kaleidoscopic” effect of street life afforded by the grid, and supports the rise in green infrastructure. I learned that apart from her otherwise healthy diet, ice cream sundaes are her delight.

For Hilary’s box I used a slim 4 1/2″ wide “Grand Hotel” wooden matchbox, which is mounted with a rare 1980s plastic Barbie sundae and some early French architecture. On the inside of the box: The woman is an extraction from a faux-vintage greeting card (something about her stance, her look, and her sparkle reminded me of Hilary); the backdrop is from an old postcard of the NYC subway; the NYC grid makes three appearances, and iconic buildings from Abu Dhabi make two. The phrase “Wash the day away” is intended as a wish for Hilary’s renewed health, like a whisper from a side wall suggesting that it may be easier to wash away the harder things in life if we can remain immersed in our fondest loves.

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Feb 13, 2013


A little box made for a gifted intuitive named Claudia. The matchbox is from a special Ohio Blue Tip series from 1955. The ladder on the exterior was inside a recent gift package from my Gran of miniature remnants she had in her collection. The 8 ball inside the box is dunking itself in a cup of dollhouse tea, and I couldn’t get enough of the old ad for wisdom pills. Click for more views. MORE

Feb 13, 2013


A second mini Kickstarter reward made for backer Lyndse Rae Faba in Ohio! I was probably C deficient when I thought this one up. The nurse matchbox label hails from the Netherlands, and the dollhouse oranges inside the box were purchased with my childhood allowance money. Click for more views. MORE

Feb 8, 2013


Featured here is a YOU box made as a gift for the beloved brother of one of my Kickstarter backers! Some facts about Tom: He works for The Economist Magazine; he loves riding his bike and sitting in diners at odd times of day and night; coffee and babka are among his favorite foods; he lived in Hong Kong for five years, at which time he had many a suit and shirt custom made; and his favorite word is “complicated” – he sees the world that way and his sister confirms that the word well describes him!

For Tom’s box I chose an Ohio Blue Tip Matchbox from 1970, mounted atop a dollhouse miniature diner stool that is spouting babka. The pointing hand inside the box has an hourglass for a wristwatch, a resized element from an Italian book of absurd inventions (my favorite kind). The rest is self-explanatory!

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Feb 8, 2013


Featured here is a Kickstarter reward made for backer Gerald in Canada! For his surprise I used an Ohio Blue Tip Matchbox from 1955. The three rear view mirror frames at the face of the box were cut from a contact sheet from photos I took in college. On the interior of the box: A vintage Hertz car rental ad and a plate of half-eaten grilled cheese sandwich and french fries that I got at an international dollhouse fair at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. Click for all 12 photos. MORE

Feb 8, 2013


Featured here is a Kickstarter reward made for backer Kathy in Florida, for her husband who is a clarinet player. Kathy reported that she loves to listen to him play at night, so I imagined a sitting room, some shared tea, and some luxurious drapes accompanying the sound. Click for more views. MORE