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Mar 27, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a young woman in college in Manitoba, Canada, named Jennifer. Having lost a lot of people in her life recently, whether through death or just distancing, Jennifer asked for a reminder that life goes on, and that though loss is to be endured, there are memories to be cherished. Some facts about Jennifer: She loves drawing, reading, and writing; her favorite foods include cookies and melon soda; one of her gems is the Complete Works of Shakespeare.

From the selection of the matchbox itself, I went with a light/passage theme for Jennifer’s piece. The key-holding flashlight hand and the Grim Reaper in the rearview mirror are elements from award-winning ads. The miniature tray of unbaked cookie dough is a prized piece from my childhood; complete with pencils and melon soda and Shakespeare, yet on the doorstep of the endless portal into the unknown, its placement suggests the respite provided by our pleasures and passions when we’re faced with transition. A quote from Charlie Chaplin on a sidewall reads “Mirror is my best friend because when I cry it never laughs.” I think we service ourselves best when we allow the full expression of our experience. If I need to cry, I do so completely; I cry like my job is to cry. I cry all the grips out of me, so that the sun can shine again. I wish the most brilliant rays to Ms. Jennifer.

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Mar 22, 2013


Here’s a sporty little matchbox reward I made for Kickstarter backer George Bangerter in Australia. The football box is one of the Ohio Blue Tip Fancy series from 1955. The shoe is courtesy of Ken. Thanks for your support, George! Click for more views. MORE

Mar 22, 2013


Featured here is a tiny gift made for a 17-year-old named Isaac, a serious young man with a lot of inner depth. This matchbox speaks to Isaac’s love of bike riding, sneakers, and vegetarian cuisine. The bicyclist label is one of a 1972 Olympics series. The head of cabbage was handmade in England, and the quotes were extracted from old issues of Time Out! Click for more views. MORE

Mar 22, 2013


Here’s a little matchbox reward made for my wildly original Kickstarter backer, Sam Dwyer! The Barbie visor hails from the 80s, and I got the shepherd fashion box from a woman in France. Click for more views. MORE

Mar 14, 2013


I was recently interviewed in my studio by the lovely Stephany Byrne for her Paragons & ICONS show. Please have a look! MORE

Mar 8, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for Claudia Macias of Illinois! Claudia is a true romantic. She asked for a work that would capture and celebrate her blossoming relationship with her boyfriend, something that would make her smile whenever she saw it. Her boyfriend is a truck driver, so he’s naturally on the road a lot. Claudia reported that their phone and text communications act as the bright sun of her daily experience, holding the power to dissipate all struggle, and that they generate that glow that comes only from contact with happiness and a deep sense of being cherished and in love.

Some facts about Claudia: Some of her favorite places include bed (she loves sleeping, like me), watching a sunset, and being held in a loving embrace; she loves bacon, asparagus, and baking and decorating cupcakes; and among her favorite objects is a receipt saved from a time she went grocery shopping with her man. I must say, I resonate with her sentimentality.

For Claudia’s box, I was delighted to find a vintage “Favorite Matches” box, which I thought set the right tone for her piece. I brought in her love for cupcake decorating over an aged dollhouse bed, somewhat of a fusion of passions that could double as a dream sequence. For additional fusion, I brought in asparagus and bacon that spoke to the theme of love. I made sure to adorn the box with a receipt, and other references you can surely discern for yourselves…

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