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Apr 25, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a true powerhouse and social change agent in Santa Cruz, named Whitney. Seeking more peace and balance in her life, and the manifestation of passionate love, Whitney dreams of getting away with her young daughter to the beaches of Kauai for some quality time. Running an organization of her design makes imperative her ability to know when to slow down and reconnect… When not working, Whitney enjoys the comforts of her home, unwinding with some tv and her daughter, maybe some steak or Vietnamese Pho, and by making art of her own. I hope that Whitney’s box may serve as a propeller to fast track the attainment of her goals!

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Apr 19, 2013


Here is a box I made for the warmhearted Kathy in Florida! A High School German and Geometry teacher, Kathy adores: travel, building dollhouses, listening to her husband play the clarinet, strawberries and cheesecake, Maryland, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the beach of anywhere, Star Wars and Star Trek conventions, her rosary, Christmas, and her close-knit family. Her current goal is to get her newly-diagnosed fibromyalgia under control, so that her retirement may be born of choice, and not necessity.

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Apr 10, 2013


Featured above is a box I made for the beautiful Ms. Linda, here in NYC. Linda’s recent years have been filled with catharsis. She said goodbye to the demands of the entertainment industry to begin the journey of healing the effects of the broken heart that has wounded the generations of women before her…that left her role-playing in an attempt to receive love from a mother whose heart was locked away. Prompted by a two year storytelling course in which her final project was to present a one-hour story based on her life, Linda was able to unweave the cocoon she’d constructed around herself of all the characters not herself, and finally fly freely into a life her own. The course was so profound that Linda wished for a box art piece that could memorialize her transformation.

Linda gave me a wealthy list of objects that represented this shift for her, including: wings, birds, tigers (her totem), fountain pens, cups of tea, Cinderella, masks, hearts, cats, and any Modigliani portrait. The flight theme ended up dominating the arrangement. It was a joy to create from the rich and courageous emotional landscape that is Linda.

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Apr 5, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a man named Brian, the CEO of a clinic whose mission for client wellbeing is centered around empathy. Some facts about Brian: He loves Palau in Micronesia and travel in general, snuggling in bed, eating well (enjoys honey, yogurt, and nuts), Dodge Challengers, his iPad, and the most important goal in his life right now if having a successful relationship with the person he’s in love with. Brian’s late father was a real maverick in medicine and made important advances related to the relevance of mega doses of Vitamin C in treating chronic illnesses. A painting of Brian’s Father is something Brian treasures.

What vintage matchbox could be sexier than this Ohio Blue Tip classic? (Click to see it.) The flame of love provided a great shell to start with. The interior floor and sidewalls showcase Palau, while the rather concealed background features the bed of a medieval dollhouse scene. I wanted Brian’s honey to be wild, like his passion and dedication. The matchbox car is a No. 1 Dodge Challenger by Lesney, made in England in 1975. And for representing Brian’s Father, I brought in a vintage ad featuring a glass of orange juice, touting Vitamin C as a Powerhouse. I believe that word suits both Father and Son. Wishing every happiness to you, Brian.