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May 29, 2013


Found on Mercer Street in Soho soon after I moved to NYC. A shot from my A CLOSER NY collection, Mercer Wall is one of my images currently exhibited in Germany.

May 22, 2013


Found on Hollywood Boulevard. A shot from my A CLOSER AMERICA collection, LA Soda is one of my images currently exhibited in Germany.

May 17, 2013


My recent studio interview on the Paragons & ICONS show will premiere on Channel 25 on Saturday, May 18th, between 12:25 and 12:32 PM. (In the Tri-State area, it’s Channel 25 for Time Warner, Verizon Fios, RCN, Comcast, and Direct TV, and Channel 22 for Cablevision.) It will continue to run all month with the possibility of extending through the summer. This is thanks to the success of Host & Producer, Stephany Byrne, who just had the show picked up by the channel! My interview was among the first three episodes that were packaged as a pilot that Stephany pitched to various channels, and my interview will be the first to air. So thank you and congratulations, Stephany! MORE

May 17, 2013


I will be exhibiting large-scale prints from my CLOSER photography collection, as well as various new box art works, in a group show at ABACO Space in Kunow (just outside Berlin) on Saturday, May 25th, from 4PM. Send your friends in Berlin! Click for more info. MORE

May 17, 2013


It is an honor to be newly represented by Alp Galleries in Frankfurt! Thursday, June 6th, will be the opening for my solo show “A Closer Look”, from 7-10PM. The show will remain up in the gallery through July 29th. On display will be large-scale prints from my CLOSER photography collection, as well as various new box art pieces. I will be present for the opening. Please extend an invitation to any of your connections in Frankfurt that you feel may have an interest to attend, and thank you! Click for additional gallery information. MORE

May 8, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for Heather in Pennsylvania. A crafter of her own shadow boxes as part of a creative side business, Heather was curious to have one of my boxes made for her and about her! I worked to bring central attention to her most important goal right now – making a career change to something she loves – while getting playful around that center with some of her favorite things: The Greek Isles, tennis, champagne and throwing parties, time under the stars…and I mixed her love for cheese together with her designs for a new career in the form of a skyscraper sprouting grated cheese, and her love for Philadelphia into a box of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, which is holding up the forked rolling red carpet upon which she must determine her new direction. The Ohio Blue Tip box is from 1970, the Barbie tennis racquet from the ’80s.

Click to see interior views of the box! MORE

May 3, 2013


Featured above is a commissioned Collector box I made in December as a surprise gift for the generous, intuitive spirit named Heidi, here in NYC. Married to a masterful dealer of Old Master paintings, and with three children flowering in their young adult lives, Heidi is often found with her cherished King Charles Spaniel named Edie in one arm while attending to life with the other. Her surroundings are filled with pleasing objects, a plethora of animals, lots of light, and her warm maternal intention for everyone’s wellbeing. Heidi is in a love affair with all things Italian, from the Tuscan hills to the Venetian streets to the outdoor Campo de Fiori market in Rome. She is an adept gardener at her getaway spot in Nantucket when not doing yoga, and she loves to cook up pescatarian meals!

When I think of Heidi, I think of balance, abundance, health, attention, all things fresh, beauty, and of enjoyment. I wanted this box to serve as a window into the landscapes and forms that both amuse Heidi and renew her inspiration. I was inclined to go with a very clean painted exterior and to keep a lot of white and solid color space within the work, so that it could breathe the way Heidi might when at the beach or on her yoga mat. The TV on the mantel portrays Mount Rushmore; Heidi’s childhood was spent very close to it, and she lost her Father there last year. Other touches include the incorporation of her favorite book shelf, Edie upon her hands, a ‘vegan’ gelato, some dollhouse lobster buoys, and a very tiny version of her husband sprouting from the rooftop of a villa!

For additional views of the box, simply CLICK! MORE

May 3, 2013


Featured here are four stills made from interior views of The Heidi Box that I transformed into an archival aluminum print set to accompany the box. CLICK for close-ups! MORE