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Jun 28, 2013


Arrangement found on 39th Street near the FDR Drive.

Jun 28, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a spirited man with a wonderful communication style named Robert, the Managing Director of a Financial Services company in Sydney, Australia. His unlikely passion for vintage matchbox labels originally prompted our acquaintance online. Some facts about Robert: his favorite places include Lord Howe Island, Melville Island, and his native garden at home in Port Stephens; he enjoys cricket, fishing, gardening, bee keeping, and dining on seafood, nuts, and fine wine; some of Robert’s favorite objects include the Sydney Harbor Bridge (seen from his office window), old Australian cricket team photos, indigenous plants, and Redheads brand matchboxes; he is passionate about aged stamps, coins, pennants, and bottles, but also share market investing, takeovers, and financial analysis! Though his four teenage children may not share his hobbyist enthusiasm, they do share in his love for overseas travel and lovingly tolerate his eccentricities. Robert’s goal for the year: getting fit!

Starting with a 1955 Ohio Blue Tip Matchbox with a ranch scene, I wanted to make Robert’s box an explosion of his pleasures. The references are fairly self-evident, though I will contribute that the redhead was extracted from Robert’s favorite Australian matchbox label series, the red fishing pole is vintage Barbie, and the white shoes are cricket shoes… he may wear the black shoes to the office, but he’s got the white ones on the mind. In fact, Robert responded to his box with the following: “The box arrived and I love it! It is fantastic – I intend to display it prominently at work as a reminder of life outside work!”

May we all remember – and further still, partake of – the activities that bring us joy. For detailed shots of Robert’s box, simply click! MORE

Jun 21, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a game design student at NYU Gallatin named Jack. When not busy with course work, Jack enjoys watching bad movies with his friends, gaming (naturally), smoking on his balcony, and chowing on Ramen, Coke, and Ethiopian Tibs Wat. His three favorite places are filled with green: Seattle, The High Line in NYC, and British Columbia, but his Village apartment is as much of a prized location. Jack’s major goal is graduating college. His reason for commissioning a work from me: he’s curious about how other people see him!

I chose for Jack’s piece the vintage “Winner” matchbox, a rare type I’ve enjoyed incorporating in a number of my works for its blatant message. In this case, it acts as the wording on Jack’s diploma, and also as a vote of confidence as he sets sail with creative projects in his adult life – like the young man featured from the back on the box face, having to choose which path to take. The walls and floor of Jack’s “apartment” are cloaked in views of British Columbia and Ramen noodles in their uncooked state. There is literally a bad movie on the vintage dollhouse television, Jack’s friends are throwing up their hats in silhouette, the little photo of spray painted “Jack” is a shot I took in the NYC subway, and the phrasing about the cool, un-cuckoo girl is left to your (and his) imagination.

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Jun 21, 2013


So Jack of The Jack Box wanted a personalized gift for one of his closest friends, named Cat. Some facts about Cat: she loves acting, burlesque dancing, road tripping, Rolos, Coke, her vintage blue 60s dress, her NY apartment, and Damien Hirst’s diamond skull. Her goal of the moment: finding a calling and a career.

Supported by paper straws and a television set bearing kick-line dancers in hologram, Cat’s box went vertical like Jack’s. I obviously had fun with the vintage burlesque theme. To bring in Cat’s headspace of questioning and exploring her future, I brought to the background a view of improbable signage, as though a sighting on one of her road trips. If you get to 84 East by turning both right and left, what does that mean for Cat? Maybe it means she will find her truth whichever way she turns. Or maybe it’s a reminder to allow comic relief into her every choice and situation. Every career infused with laughter succeeds.

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Jun 21, 2013


My Paragons & ICONS interview with Stephany Byrne is now featured on the NYC Media website. Click for the link! MORE

Jun 13, 2013


Featured here is a personalized art box made for a very good friend of mine. Shelley is a professional hair and makeup artist, singer, Reiki healer, a woman with spice and flare and the warmest heart of gold. Some facts about Shelley: she loves the woods, the ocean, and the Egyptian desert and Pyramids; listening to music; time with children and her cherished cats; daydreaming; chocolate, Japanese, and Middle Eastern food; and her most important goal right now is to continue to write and sing and to share her work with the world!

Starting with a 1930s wooden matchbox, Shelley’s piece seemed to want to go erect like a building, almost as though I were creating more of a totem pole crafted of reminders of her own delights. Click to read my thought process behind this work, and for detailed photos! MORE

Jun 7, 2013


I am pleased to announce that Alp Galleries of Frankfurt will be representing my photography and box art assemblage works, along with the paintings of artist Daniel Beer, at Scope Basel Pavilion, booth # E-17, from June 10th through 16th. For anyone planning an excursion to Switzerland for the art fair who would like to visit my work, simply be in touch for directions and a map to the booth. Danke!