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Oct 25, 2013


My “Dad Apples” photo still from The Dad Box was selected as one of the inaugural labels for Toronto’s newly launched brewery, Collective Arts! Dedicated to promoting artists and raising creative consciousness through the sociability of craft beer, Collective Arts’ new artist collaborations have recently been highlighted in The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, and To see the other artist labels of Series 1, and to explore the company website, click for the link! MORE

Oct 25, 2013


A photo from my A CLOSER NY collection, Second Avenue Science features a rusty landscape found atop a blue painted metal newspaper box Uptown, and is named for its petri dish appearance. This photograph was part of my recent show in Frankfurt, printed as a 30″ x 45″ C-print on Dibond.

Oct 16, 2013


An art-based gift site with an emphasis on commission-based works, Art-Shelf recently launched. I was invited by its Founder, Josh King, to be among his initially represented artists in the Mixed Media category!

Oct 16, 2013


Commissioned as a surprise birthday gift, this four-drawer matchbox from the ’60s now tells the tale of a Swedish artist living in Hoboken, named Madeleine. Married to a Lebanese doctor and with four grown children, Madeleine’s primary interests include abstract landscape palette knife painting of the New York City skyline from her 24th floor windows, taking care of her two grandchildren, and writing poetry. She’s crazy about fabrics by the Swedish designer Josef Frank, her white Volvo station wagon, white wine and Gravlox. Her most important goal of the moment: to buy a house in the country and start a vineyard!

Besides NYC, Madeleine’s two favorite spots are Stockholm and Lebanon, each given a representative “drawer” at left (seen when you open this post). At right we have the view from her apartment, Frank seats, and painting materials above, and her grandchildren and future vineyard merging together in joy at lower right. The image of windows plump with vines and streaming light is a shot I took when I was 19, living outside Venice. Some friends and I snuck onto a deserted property, where we found that building and a terribly irritated swan!

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Oct 8, 2013


Featured here is a personalized matchbox made for a very hip educator, writer, and 29-year visiting nurse from Illinois named Diann! Considering herself a wacky and unconventional sort, Diann dreams of being a published author of a creative non fiction book of essays or a memoir. Having adopted a 7-year-old with HIV, her daughter is now 25, and Diann feels so grateful for her presence in her life, a life rich with: community health leadership, journal writing, making artist trading cards, drinking glasses of wine by her fireplace, visiting the forests of Door County, Wisconsin (referenced inside the fireplace and on the floor of the interior box), or the San Francisco City Lights Bookstore (interior right wall), watching a little trash tv like Pawn Stars or American Pickers (the cast of the latter making an appearance above the mantel), and surely spending time with her beloved Scottie. She also happens to like the Cheshire Cat!

Diann ordered a box from me because she felt my work helped to ritualize or memorialize our identities in a visual design. I was thankful to receive her response to her piece: “My wonderful matchbox arrived last week and it is amazing and a treasure. It is displayed prominently in my house and I love it!” You were a delightful subject, Diann. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to create a landscape from your life.

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Oct 3, 2013


For The Donald Box, I busted out of the kitchen matchbox structure and went instead with a sturdy, handcrafted, mini maplewood box, affording me more usable surface area for this 360 degree commission. Requested by Don’s wife in celebration of his upcoming birthday, I would say this is the most male-esque piece I’ve ever arranged!

Some bits on Donald: he’s an avid reader of the NY Times and watches every political show there is through liberal glasses; he’ll not turn down a chance to relax on the couch and cheer on the Giants or the Yankees, coupled with a cigar; he is an amazing father to his fifth grade daughter and delights in touring the museums with her; he loves Harry Potter and old movies; his favorite songs are “Let It Be” by the Beatles and “Ripples” by the Grateful Dead; his foods of choice include steak, lobster, and grilled cheese and bacon; his goal is more stability at work and an ever-increasing money flow, something closely tied with his sense of success; and he cherishes theater and all forms of travel, visiting Paris with his family not long ago.

The round white table atop this piece is something I bought for myself from the Small Steps shop in Burlington, VT, when I was about 12 years old, so this work contains a fragment of personal history. That shop was my crack! The table has been a part of my visual view for so long, I’m glad it’s now a part of Don’s story, and his view of himself.

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