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Dec 28, 2013


Featured here is a matchbox I made much earlier this year as a surprise for someone’s wife, a woman named Jenny in LA. Some facts about Jenny: she loves traveling to French Polynesia, reading, photography and family photos, sushi, and among her most prized possessions is her wedding ring. Jenny is focused on the launch of her new startup, and on having a happy family. I chose to post The Jenny Box today for all of you who may be experiencing the cold, and dreaming of an escape from it. I may not be able to send you actual warm tropical waters, but if you’re anything like me, a miniature model may take you to them just the same, and without fare… MORE

Dec 21, 2013


I made this miniature matchbox piece as a birthday gift for my sister Michelle, the most caring woman I know, a midwife in the making. I have been astonished by Michelle’s dedication and intense strength as she has put the supreme well being of babies and their mothers at the forefront of her focus, jumping into adrenaline heightened birthing experiences with the true ferocity of love they require. I am certain that the world is becoming a more harmonious place everywhere that Michelle has had a hand in greeting its new inhabitants… The New Moon Box speaks to the many shades of woman, and, to be frank, the hormones they deal with, inside and outside of pregnancy.

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Dec 6, 2013


Here is a personalized matchbox piece I made early in the year for my longtime friend, and the forever free-spirited, Buster! A singer, musician, performer, and a seeker of what’s real and true, Buster’s loves include his flute and vulture feathers, quinoa, fresh vegetable juice, COFFEE, landing in his body, dreaming, cafes, remembering his divine essence, and sharing such experiences with others. He wanted a box from me to see what his inner landscape might look like if externalized. I gave it my best shot.

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Dec 6, 2013


Still extracted from The Buster Box for printing.