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Feb 21, 2014


You have probably developed an idea about me and the kind of artist I am. I’m inspired to whimsically translate the stories of others in miniature form, to fuse intensity with transcendent elements or humor, and by the perfection of the shape of some stain on the sidewalk…

So like the disclaimers offered when a viewer is about to experience adult content, I feel the need to alert you, my faithful readers, to the fact that the multi-media work I’ll be unleashing going forward is about to get uncommonly raw and personal; beginning with this post, and then continuing a month out from now.

I feel it’s important to tell you that I will completely understand and respect any need you may have to unsubscribe from my posts if what I share proves uncomfortable for you or off-putting in any way, given the man you may in fact know and love, who has obviously and regrettably fueled my new direction.

As an artist I am wired to express my experiences to the world in a way uncensored. I cannot rob myself or others grappling with the same kind of experience I’ve been enduring of the chance to break through to greener pastures. It seems the only way to them is by fully embracing and releasing the emotional muds that accompany their surrounding territory. Everything I share will be born of pure respect for life and how we choose to move through what it dishes us as powerfully and as completely as we can.

For those of you who will stay onboard with me, I hope you’ll come to appreciate the universality of the themes I’ll be exploring, and I thank you for your continued interest.

So from here on in, please follow of your own volition, keeping in mind what I’ve said. If you wish to begin experiencing the honest landscape of my recent experiences, simply CLICK.

Thank you for having followed my work all of these years, no matter your decision to now stay or go. It has meant a great deal to me to have your eyes and your support. MORE

Feb 13, 2014


My photographs and assemblages will be featured by Alp Galleries at Art Frankfurt, February 13-16th, at the Messe Frankfurt exhibition grounds, near the city center. Please let me know if you’d like more info!

Feb 7, 2014


Featured here is a 360 degree box commissioned as a gift for a man who has been of tremendous value in my life, and a source of great support, for the past five years.

There are a lot of people convincing themselves that they prioritize family above all else, when any outsider could show them how they’re falling short. But I can say with 100% accuracy that Dale really does live to ensure his family’s happiness.

I have experienced firsthand how the commitment Dale brings to his home, combined with that of his truly incredible wife, has positively shaped their 10-year-old son; a child filled with more humor, warmth, smarts, generosity, animation, and self-security than I’ve experienced in any other child. To witness this family is to walk away trusting in family’s power. If and when I have my own child, that child will benefit from the greater openness and flexibility I have developed simply by having shared time with this unique gang of three!

CLICK to read more about Dale’s interests and to see detailed shots from all sides of this box. MORE