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Mar 29, 2014


A couple of days ago I received an email from a woman named Christina, and it really moved me. She gave me permission to share her words with my audience, which I do for you here below. They speak to the very reason why I’ve created The Betrayal Project, and are much appreciated fuel as I keep going with it…

“I wanted to share with you something of what happened to me after I watched your video about betrayal yesterday. I think it inspired me to take the stand I took with Geoffrey, a guy I’ve been dating the past three months….

I met with him this past Thursday night. I let him know that I was feeling closer to him and that I’m not dating anyone else (nor have any desire to) – and he indicated the same. I felt myself take a big leap in investing more of my heart into him all of last week.

Yesterday afternoon, he called me when his daughters were at rehearsal. He let me know what a wonderful time he had Thursday night, and then let me know he had set a date with someone else on Tuesday… MORE

Mar 22, 2014



Mar 14, 2014


Featured here is a box I made for the beautiful Sarah, star of a show on MTV. Expecting her first child, Sarah felt inclined to memorialize this moment of great transition in her life, intrigued by the idea of owning a “multidimensional snapshot of an artist’s perception of an individual.” I was enriched by the imagery I discovered in researching for Sarah’s box, as two of her favorite locations are the Scottish Highlands and CA’s Big Sur, both breathtaking. Along with these landscapes, I took Sarah’s activities of interest (like going on road trips with her husband, nesting in the nursery, or dancing alone), her favorite foods (Cara Cara oranges and mashed potatoes – and let me restate mashed potatoes), and her approaching motherdom, and merged them with the forever most important goal of Sarah’s life: to have a strong, vibrant, and loving family.

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Mar 14, 2014


Five print stills extracted from The Sarah Box. CLICK to see the other four. MORE

Mar 14, 2014


This was one of the matchboxes I made a year ago for a contributor to my Kickstarter Matchbox Me campaign. Eduardo ordered two boxes, one for him and one for his wife Jenny, hoping that they might serve as unique mirrors of themselves and of home; objects they could take with them wherever they relocated. A fellow Capricorn like me, I’m not surprised Eduardo loves his pencils and drawing, his stamp collection, his childhood soccer trophy, and that his major preoccupation is building a US-based career. He loves DC and Europe; Spanish, Greek, and Mexican foods; and he can often be found in comic book stores. So here you have a mini 3D snapshot of Eduardo from an interests perspective!

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Mar 7, 2014


Featured here is a specialty multimedia box I was commissioned to make as a gift for a woman who has lived and breathed by the passion of her belief in art’s ability to create enormous social and developmental impact, and who has dedicated her life to its flowering.

For this work, I decided to use a 16″ wide Tenk Hardware Co. seed box from the 50s. This afforded me the chance to use the increasingly widening partitioned spaces (relating to the value of its four originally housed seed types) to showcase what I arrived at being the four most important sectors of my subject’s life, according to their “rank” or priority. Perhaps such ranking is futile. One’s major loves may hold equal space in the heart. But extensive research on my subject had me feel convinced that the widest space of this box needed to be allotted to her family; herself as a mother, a sister, and a daughter en route from Cleveland to New York, and those journeys that took place in-between. It could be seen as cluttered, this room I created. It’s intended to be as chaotic as raising a big family can be, yet bursting with the same colorful rewards that go along with it.

Next at left is the “dining room” representing my subject’s love of artists, and the home entertaining she is known for. This room I papered and decorated in works from her own personal collection, as well as persons in the arts who have held significance for her, simply but a few to represent the many.

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Mar 7, 2014


Stills from The 4 Winners Box, extracted for printing. Click to see all FOUR. MORE

Mar 1, 2014


I was approached on Facebook last summer by an undeniably sharp, eccentric, enthusiastically maternal, and creatively driven woman named Elana. She was interested in having a turning point in her life memorialized in matchbox form. Having moved to Berkeley for her husband’s job, and having focused much of her energy into helping her son Maxie overcome speech and sociability challenges in his formative years, Elana was ready to start fueling herself from the inside out with a progressive business direction that mattered to her and that was born of her own terms; one that could hone her talents for writing, design, and the conceptual realms of life she is so clearly fluent in.

To read about my process behind this work, and to see 30 close-up stills, just CLICK! MORE

Mar 1, 2014


Print still from THE ELANA BOX.

Mar 1, 2014


Featured here is a commissioned piece made for my youngest client yet, 6-year-old Maxie from Berkeley! Maxie’s Mom Elana (of THE ELANA BOX) wanted to gift her son with a unique preschool graduation gift, as she was so proud of the social flexibility and ease he was able to develop for himself throughout the year (and because she is smitten with him).

Some fun facts about Maxie: he likes to get to the bottom of MORE