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Dec 20, 2014


It’s time to color in… the spots where family wasn’t unified. The spots where you stood alone. The places where blueberry pancakes went unmade, where tears were waiting to become, and where silence needed some heat. Happy Holidays to All. MORE

Dec 12, 2014


It is with sheer delight that I announce my new creative partnership with sound engineer and singer/musician extraordinaire, Elia Einhorn! Elia will be engineering and co-editing my podcast (in development), and I’m honored to have both his genius and his warm character onboard.

As for Elia, he’s the chief sound engineer at and front man for the group Fashion Brigade. If he’s not heading to record in the homes of Kim Kattrall, Harvey Weinstein, or Laurie Anderson all in a day’s work, he’s performing alongside Ira Glass and Fred Armisen at benefit events! A recent import from Chicago, Elia makes amazing things happen wherever he goes, and that’s a testament to both his talent and his generosity of spirit.

More news on our collaboration in the months to come! MORE

Dec 12, 2014


This life can unfold how it will… I am stardust already. MORE

Dec 5, 2014


I just discovered this photo of myself… evaluating some of my earliest relationship art pieces.

They say, Think back to what you were willfully consuming yourself with before age 7, and your purpose is wrapped inside that.

And probably our sanity and satisfaction is in the constant revisiting and unraveling within our adulthoods of that motivating spark pot of passion that drove our cores forward, when our realities were unencumbered by limiting thoughts about what’s responsible; when our beliefs were still soft and open to becoming 10,000 differently shaped loaves off of the mother yeast we knew ourselves to be within…

So I’m glad to have left my beliefs pliable. When I can knead them easily, they are my best art material. And my needs, they become something altogether surprising.

So let’s be 7 again. Or 6 or 5 or 2, for the weekend. And take note of what we end up doing. Because it’s easier done, than said, I promise. And we have the freedom to do it… from now on. MORE