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Mar 27, 2015


Friends! I haven’t been posting as much lately because I am hard at work developing my audio show behind-the-scenes. But I wanted to pop in to say I’m wishing you a multitude of creative Pows! and the very best Bang of an idea as Spring takes you over. Thank you for your support and I’ll have a consistent outpouring of new perspectives coming your way in the near future. Be well, Everyone! (This photo of me by Sydnie Michele & Stephen Salmieri, NYC)

Mar 5, 2015


I sat in a white chair in the middle of her white living room, one January Wednesday. In the chair of a psychotherapist from the other side, living a block from you. I surrendered myself to the alchemy she was about to perform on my brain and body, a procedure that was to burn out those everywhere scattered crumbs of betrayal both crippling me, and boring me, from within. Those crumbs made by you. I was there to toss the last of the rotten groceries out. That baggage too heavy for carry on. For necessity had finally gone on a date with choice inside me.

I was asked to imagine something loving on my inhales, and something unloving on my exhales. Not to be unkind, but I did have to chose you for the latter. After all, I was there to purge the laces of lies with which you threaded my mind into swarming balls of bad, back then. Balls that hadn’t chosen another court yet but the one represented by my body.

I was there to learn how to breathe freely inside my own winter, now that we’d cycled back to that season. Now that we’d completed all four stages once, without each other. Now that love explodes everywhere in my life, and I’ve a rock so true. Because there is no space for reeking remnants in a winter that wants to sparkle blaze like it doesn’t even desire spring, like it doesn’t need heat to convince me it’s warm…

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