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Jan 17, 2019


A process pic from when I was working out the family section of my 4 Winners Box commission. Expressing in vintage dolls comes as necessarily as my night walks or preparing the coffee percolator.

Nov 22, 2018


Paradise has literally, burned down.

Finding beauty in the unlikely place may never have been more necessary a life attitude.

Some of us today get to smile into the earth tone foods that are nourishing us by secured candle flame… and some of us are MORE

Dec 20, 2014


It’s time to color in… the spots where family wasn’t unified. The spots where you stood alone. The places where blueberry pancakes went unmade, where tears were waiting to become, and where silence needed some heat. Happy Holidays to All. MORE

Mar 14, 2014


Featured here is a box I made for the beautiful Sarah, star of a show on MTV. Expecting her first child, Sarah felt inclined to memorialize this moment of great transition in her life, intrigued by the idea of owning a “multidimensional snapshot of an artist’s perception of an individual.” I was enriched by the imagery I discovered in researching for Sarah’s box, as two of her favorite locations are the Scottish Highlands and CA’s Big Sur, both breathtaking. Along with these landscapes, I took Sarah’s activities of interest (like going on road trips with her husband, nesting in the nursery, or dancing alone), her favorite foods (Cara Cara oranges and mashed potatoes – and let me restate mashed potatoes), and her approaching motherdom, and merged them with the forever most important goal of Sarah’s life: to have a strong, vibrant, and loving family.

CLICK for all close-ups and more about my process. MORE

Mar 14, 2014


Five print stills extracted from The Sarah Box. CLICK to see the other four. MORE

Mar 7, 2014


Featured here is a specialty multimedia box I was commissioned to make as a gift for a woman who has lived and breathed by the passion of her belief in art’s ability to create enormous social and developmental impact, and who has dedicated her life to its flowering.

For this work, I decided to use a 16″ wide Tenk Hardware Co. seed box from the 50s. This afforded me the chance to use the increasingly widening partitioned spaces (relating to the value of its four originally housed seed types) to showcase what I arrived at being the four most important sectors of my subject’s life, according to their “rank” or priority. Perhaps such ranking is futile. One’s major loves may hold equal space in the heart. But extensive research on my subject had me feel convinced that the widest space of this box needed to be allotted to her family; herself as a mother, a sister, and a daughter en route from Cleveland to New York, and those journeys that took place in-between. It could be seen as cluttered, this room I created. It’s intended to be as chaotic as raising a big family can be, yet bursting with the same colorful rewards that go along with it.

Next at left is the “dining room” representing my subject’s love of artists, and the home entertaining she is known for. This room I papered and decorated in works from her own personal collection, as well as persons in the arts who have held significance for her, simply but a few to represent the many.

Next at left is… MORE

Mar 7, 2014


Stills from The 4 Winners Box, extracted for printing. Click to see all FOUR. MORE

Mar 1, 2014


I was approached on Facebook last summer by an undeniably sharp, eccentric, enthusiastically maternal, and creatively driven woman named Elana. She was interested in having a turning point in her life memorialized in matchbox form. Having moved to Berkeley for her husband’s job, and having focused much of her energy into helping her son Maxie overcome speech and sociability challenges in his formative years, Elana was ready to start fueling herself from the inside out with a progressive business direction that mattered to her and that was born of her own terms; one that could hone her talents for writing, design, and the conceptual realms of life she is so clearly fluent in.

To read about my process behind this work, and to see 30 close-up stills, just CLICK! MORE

Mar 1, 2014


Print still from THE ELANA BOX.

Feb 7, 2014


Featured here is a 360 degree box commissioned as a gift for a man who has been of tremendous value in my life, and a source of great support, for the past five years.

There are a lot of people convincing themselves that they prioritize family above all else, when any outsider could show them how they’re falling short. But I can say with 100% accuracy that Dale really does live to ensure his family’s happiness.

I have experienced firsthand how the commitment Dale brings to his home, combined with that of his truly incredible wife, has positively shaped their 10-year-old son; a child filled with more humor, warmth, smarts, generosity, animation, and self-security than I’ve experienced in any other child. To witness this family is to walk away trusting in family’s power. If and when I have my own child, that child will benefit from the greater openness and flexibility I have developed simply by having shared time with this unique gang of three!

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Oct 3, 2013


For The Donald Box, I busted out of the kitchen matchbox structure and went instead with a sturdy, handcrafted, mini maplewood box, affording me more usable surface area for this 360 degree commission. Requested by Don’s wife in celebration of his upcoming birthday, I would say this is the most male-esque piece I’ve ever arranged!

Some bits on Donald: he’s an avid reader of the NY Times and watches every political show there is through liberal glasses; he’ll not turn down a chance to relax on the couch and cheer on the Giants or the Yankees, coupled with a cigar; he is an amazing father to his fifth grade daughter and delights in touring the museums with her; he loves Harry Potter and old movies; his favorite songs are “Let It Be” by the Beatles and “Ripples” by the Grateful Dead; his foods of choice include steak, lobster, and grilled cheese and bacon; his goal is more stability at work and an ever-increasing money flow, something closely tied with his sense of success; and he cherishes theater and all forms of travel, visiting Paris with his family not long ago.

The round white table atop this piece is something I bought for myself from the Small Steps shop in Burlington, VT, when I was about 12 years old, so this work contains a fragment of personal history. That shop was my crack! The table has been a part of my visual view for so long, I’m glad it’s now a part of Don’s story, and his view of himself.

Please click for detailed shots all around the box! MORE

May 3, 2013


Featured above is a commissioned Collector box I made in December as a surprise gift for the generous, intuitive spirit named Heidi, here in NYC. Married to a masterful dealer of Old Master paintings, and with three children flowering in their young adult lives, Heidi is often found with her cherished King Charles Spaniel named Edie in one arm while attending to life with the other. Her surroundings are filled with pleasing objects, a plethora of animals, lots of light, and her warm maternal intention for everyone’s wellbeing. Heidi is in a love affair with all things Italian, from the Tuscan hills to the Venetian streets to the outdoor Campo de Fiori market in Rome. She is an adept gardener at her getaway spot in Nantucket when not doing yoga, and she loves to cook up pescatarian meals!

When I think of Heidi, I think of balance, abundance, health, attention, all things fresh, beauty, and of enjoyment. I wanted this box to serve as a window into the landscapes and forms that both amuse Heidi and renew her inspiration. I was inclined to go with a very clean painted exterior and to keep a lot of white and solid color space within the work, so that it could breathe the way Heidi might when at the beach or on her yoga mat. The TV on the mantel portrays Mount Rushmore; Heidi’s childhood was spent very close to it, and she lost her Father there last year. Other touches include the incorporation of her favorite book shelf, Edie upon her hands, a ‘vegan’ gelato, some dollhouse lobster buoys, and a very tiny version of her husband sprouting from the rooftop of a villa!

For additional views of the box, simply CLICK! MORE

May 3, 2013


Featured here are four stills made from interior views of The Heidi Box that I transformed into an archival aluminum print set to accompany the box. CLICK for close-ups! MORE

Jul 26, 2012


Here is my latest commissioned Box Art piece… a surprise, alternative wedding gift.

Referencing each of the newlyweds’ careers, their interests and backgrounds, displaying sneak peaks of the two of them in a cake, on a television set, on the face of a Mad Men era paper doll, and shuffling in symbols of the NYC culture and landscape in which they dwell and which they so appreciate, the assemblage result is what you see here. The work is approximately 10″ x 5″ x 10″. As I deeply enjoy the research, material scavenging, and assembling processes associated with commissioned portrait projects, this was a great deal of fun to create!

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Jan 7, 2012


The Baby Jane Box #1

THE BABY JANE BOX is a commissioned piece created for a most talented writer in Brooklyn named Ethan Hon. He asked me to interpret the Robert Aldrich film from 1962 – What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? – starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. It’s a psychological thriller – the story of two rivaling sisters, both former stars, living in isolation in a decaying mansion. Click MORE for all TWELVE box shots! MORE

Jan 7, 2012


"Concern" Photo Still from The Baby Jane Box

PRINTS made from close-up views inside and around The Baby Jane Box. Click MORE to see all SIX, with descriptions. MORE

Dec 1, 2011

The Valerie Box

The Valerie Box #1

The Valerie Box is a commissioned work for a radiant author in NYC named Valerie Gross. The piece explores the theme of sorrow as it is felt in both the loss of something gone and the letting go of what’s still here. It features a beauty queen suffering from her image-addicted surroundings, craving an escape into the inner world of accepting forms, as represented by MORE

Dec 1, 2011

Stills from The Valerie Box

Beauty Queen Stop by Sherry Mills

The Valerie Box is a commissioned work for a radiant author in NYC named Valerie Gross. The piece explores the theme of sorrow as it is felt in both the loss of something gone and the letting go of what’s still here. Click to see all SIX prints made of details from inside and around this work. MORE

Nov 11, 2011

Stills from The Rodrigo Box

Dance Anyway from The Rodrigo Box

Last week I shared photos of my commissioned box art piece The Rodrigo Box. Here are the stills I created from that box, shooting inside and around it. These stills will soon be available for sale in my new online shop. Keep on the lookout for that announcement. Click MORE to see all six! MORE

Nov 5, 2011

The Rodrigo Box

The Rodrigo Box by Sherry Mills

The Rodrigo Box was created for a gentle and outrageous man in New York City named Rodrigo. It speaks to the themes and challenges that he encounters in his life – from not feeling accepted by his family for his sexuality, to wanting to bust free from submissive patterns and roar in his professional life, to his striving to open and ready himself for a fulfilling partnership. It’s time to dance… MORE