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Dec 11, 2018


How sunshine can infiltrate your cells in a shadowy space, when you know how to remove the mind glaze, and really see what is there. Beside your hand. Hear. The bass as it… MORE

Apr 4, 2018


The face of a matchbox composite made for a pilot who was missing his time overseas.

Mar 16, 2018


One of the miniature drawers of a vintage matchbox assemblage piece I made for a woman named Amy.  

Feb 13, 2018


A shot I took before I sent off “The Jennifer Box”, a custom piece containing an interior scene intended to support Jennifer’s moving through her recent loss of loved ones; to support her finding the treasures of now amidst her grief.

Dec 31, 2017


Process shot from a matchbox art piece I made for a special friend named Buster. Time to plant those seeds, and watch them grow in 2018. #dreambig

Jun 6, 2014


“A man is only as good as what he loves.”  -Saul Bellow

Mar 14, 2014


This was one of the matchboxes I made a year ago for a contributor to my Kickstarter Matchbox Me campaign. Eduardo ordered two boxes, one for him and one for his wife Jenny, hoping that they might serve as unique mirrors of themselves and of home; objects they could take with them wherever they relocated. A fellow Capricorn like me, I’m not surprised Eduardo loves his pencils and drawing, his stamp collection, his childhood soccer trophy, and that his major preoccupation is building a US-based career. He loves DC and Europe; Spanish, Greek, and Mexican foods; and he can often be found in comic book stores. So here you have a mini 3D snapshot of Eduardo from an interests perspective!

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Mar 1, 2014


Featured here is a commissioned piece made for my youngest client yet, 6-year-old Maxie from Berkeley! Maxie’s Mom Elana (of THE ELANA BOX) wanted to gift her son with a unique preschool graduation gift, as she was so proud of the social flexibility and ease he was able to develop for himself throughout the year (and because she is smitten with him).

Some fun facts about Maxie: he likes to get to the bottom of MORE

Jan 17, 2014


Here is a work I made a year ago for one of my dearest friends and healer powerhouses, Shana, a Nonviolent Communication Trainer, Restorative Circle Facilitator, Mediator, NLP & Hypnotherapy Practitioner, and Dancer.

Death, and how we choose to either embrace or avoid it, both culturally and personally, has always been of supreme interest to me. And so the focus of Shana’s that I was most drawn to in creating a work about her was her volunteer work as a Doula Companion to the Dying… a form of service that was born of the painful process of losing her Mom five years ago.

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Jan 10, 2014


I was asked by Marion, owner of the Etsy shop Folie du Jour of Paris, to create a box art piece that might represent her business. Her shop sells French vintage advertising posters and dictionary pages from the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties. And so, all of the images used to craft this work I extracted from her inventory. Click for detailed views, and see the post below for a peak at the woman behind the shop! MORE

Jan 10, 2014


A little about Marion from Paris: she’s crazy about traveling abroad, peaceful green gardens, her sofa and tv after a long day, reading French comics, anything with chocolate, Flamiche au Maroilles (French cheese tart) and Pot-au-feu, occasions to put on a backpack or her black dress, and growing her burgeoning Etsy poster business (represented in matchbox form in the post above)! Click for detailed views. MORE

Jan 3, 2014


Here is a matchbox piece I made earlier this year for Ms. Katie of Brooklyn, a fellow artist – printmaker / bookbinder / painter – who is also part of the Etsy team! Katie loves Maine, art museums, lobster rolls and Oreos, her cacti collection, and has the goal of living more frugally while striking a balance between work, social life, and alone time… a goal so many of us can surely relate to. Katie was born on the 5th day of her month. The mini 5 street paint photo at the face of the box came from one of my Cibachrome contact sheets. The dollhouse piggy bank inside the box was one of the first prized miniatures of my youth. MORE

Dec 28, 2013


Featured here is a matchbox I made much earlier this year as a surprise for someone’s wife, a woman named Jenny in LA. Some facts about Jenny: she loves traveling to French Polynesia, reading, photography and family photos, sushi, and among her most prized possessions is her wedding ring. Jenny is focused on the launch of her new startup, and on having a happy family. I chose to post The Jenny Box today for all of you who may be experiencing the cold, and dreaming of an escape from it. I may not be able to send you actual warm tropical waters, but if you’re anything like me, a miniature model may take you to them just the same, and without fare… MORE

Dec 6, 2013


Here is a personalized matchbox piece I made early in the year for my longtime friend, and the forever free-spirited, Buster! A singer, musician, performer, and a seeker of what’s real and true, Buster’s loves include his flute and vulture feathers, quinoa, fresh vegetable juice, COFFEE, landing in his body, dreaming, cafes, remembering his divine essence, and sharing such experiences with others. He wanted a box from me to see what his inner landscape might look like if externalized. I gave it my best shot.

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Dec 6, 2013


Still extracted from The Buster Box for printing.

Oct 16, 2013


Commissioned as a surprise birthday gift, this four-drawer matchbox from the ’60s now tells the tale of a Swedish artist living in Hoboken, named Madeleine. Married to a Lebanese doctor and with four grown children, Madeleine’s primary interests include abstract landscape palette knife painting of the New York City skyline from her 24th floor windows, taking care of her two grandchildren, and writing poetry. She’s crazy about fabrics by the Swedish designer Josef Frank, her white Volvo station wagon, white wine and Gravlox. Her most important goal of the moment: to buy a house in the country and start a vineyard!

Besides NYC, Madeleine’s two favorite spots are Stockholm and Lebanon, each given a representative “drawer” at left (seen when you open this post). At right we have the view from her apartment, Frank seats, and painting materials above, and her grandchildren and future vineyard merging together in joy at lower right. The image of windows plump with vines and streaming light is a shot I took when I was 19, living outside Venice. Some friends and I snuck onto a deserted property, where we found that building and a terribly irritated swan!

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Oct 8, 2013


Featured here is a personalized matchbox made for a very hip educator, writer, and 29-year visiting nurse from Illinois named Diann! Considering herself a wacky and unconventional sort, Diann dreams of being a published author of a creative non fiction book of essays or a memoir. Having adopted a 7-year-old with HIV, her daughter is now 25, and Diann feels so grateful for her presence in her life, a life rich with: community health leadership, journal writing, making artist trading cards, drinking glasses of wine by her fireplace, visiting the forests of Door County, Wisconsin (referenced inside the fireplace and on the floor of the interior box), or the San Francisco City Lights Bookstore (interior right wall), watching a little trash tv like Pawn Stars or American Pickers (the cast of the latter making an appearance above the mantel), and surely spending time with her beloved Scottie. She also happens to like the Cheshire Cat!

Diann ordered a box from me because she felt my work helped to ritualize or memorialize our identities in a visual design. I was thankful to receive her response to her piece: “My wonderful matchbox arrived last week and it is amazing and a treasure. It is displayed prominently in my house and I love it!” You were a delightful subject, Diann. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to create a landscape from your life.

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Sep 26, 2013


Here is a personalized matchbox I made earlier this year for the lovely Durga of West Palm Beach! Durga perfectly exemplifies the human capacity for delight in seemingly contradictory activities: she is a yogi who loves shooting pistols! I just love that… Durga is a terrific photographer, her favorite subject being women. This is the first box art piece I’ve made for a fellow artist in which I was encouraged to incorporate some of their own work if I so wished. And so, the nude hunched over inside the box, as well as the tutu-bearing and held woman shots atop the box, are Durga’s!

Some other things about Durga: she is said to be calm and a mother earth type, has curly red hair, loves sports, competition, and anywhere away from cities and crowds, antiques, her husband and four daughters, fruit, most any red food, working with Labrador Retriever dogs, and anything made by hand! To be respected in the photographic industry as an artist, and to have a happy, healthy family, are her primary driving forces.

I enjoyed the collaborative aspect of making this piece, and was touched by Durga’s exuberant response to it. Thank you, Durga!

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Sep 20, 2013


Featured here is a matchbox piece I made earlier in the year for the very incredible Sasha! An author of many books on tarot, among them Tarot Diva, Sasha is the embodiment of creative exuberance and has a contagious thrust for life with all of its symbols and wildness, ever on the march to unfold more of herself inside of it. She is a real inspiration.

Sasha requested a box “as magical metaphor”… hoping that it might capture and remind her of the magic thriving and available to her as she enters a new chapter, one of fully expressing her voice and talents without inhibition, and guided by intuition.

Some of Sasha’s favorite things include: her getaway farmhouse, snuggling with her daughter, sitting under her willow tree, going to theater/films, reading/writing, her clawfoot tub, poached eggs, candles, cheese plates, and full-bodied red wine. So I played with assembling Sasha’s goal and favorite things in the spirit of magic!

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Jun 28, 2013


Featured here is a box I made for a spirited man with a wonderful communication style named Robert, the Managing Director of a Financial Services company in Sydney, Australia. His unlikely passion for vintage matchbox labels originally prompted our acquaintance online. Some facts about Robert: his favorite places include Lord Howe Island, Melville Island, and his native garden at home in Port Stephens; he enjoys cricket, fishing, gardening, bee keeping, and dining on seafood, nuts, and fine wine; some of Robert’s favorite objects include the Sydney Harbor Bridge (seen from his office window), old Australian cricket team photos, indigenous plants, and Redheads brand matchboxes; he is passionate about aged stamps, coins, pennants, and bottles, but also share market investing, takeovers, and financial analysis! Though his four teenage children may not share his hobbyist enthusiasm, they do share in his love for overseas travel and lovingly tolerate his eccentricities. Robert’s goal for the year: getting fit!

Starting with a 1955 Ohio Blue Tip Matchbox with a ranch scene, I wanted to make Robert’s box an explosion of his pleasures. The references are fairly self-evident, though I will contribute that the redhead was extracted from Robert’s favorite Australian matchbox label series, the red fishing pole is vintage Barbie, and the white shoes are cricket shoes… he may wear the black shoes to the office, but he’s got the white ones on the mind. In fact, Robert responded to his box with the following: “The box arrived and I love it! It is fantastic – I intend to display it prominently at work as a reminder of life outside work!”

May we all remember – and further still, partake of – the activities that bring us joy. For detailed shots of Robert’s box, simply click! MORE