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Feb 8, 2019


I know about sitting in a lawn chair for hours in a state of bliss… It was at the back of a hotel near the Teotihuacan Pyramids outside of Mexico City. The longest sustained state of presence I’ve experienced.

I revisit that lawn chair within me sometimes, to… MORE

Jan 15, 2019


I know about almost losing my life atop an active volcano in a lightning storm. CLICK for the tale! MORE

Jan 3, 2019


I know about getting my work transformed into New York City Billboards. Ever in love with the out of scale, I’m just as inspired by a building sized metal sandwich as I am by a dollhouse miniature sized bowl of corn flakes. And yes, I am often inspired by food!

Merging scales – making something that is already a detail, larger than life – is an enticing motivator for me.

Back when a young artist new to the city, and developing my CLOSER collection, I decided that my photography would one day… MORE

Dec 30, 2018


I know about being greeted by a praying mantis on a deserted winter beach in New England.

I was heartbroken in my early twenties and visiting my sister at the inn she managed on Martha’s Vineyard. I took myself to a treasured beach to be alone with my thoughts in that perfect healing capsule that is crashing waves and harsh winds in combo… ever a witch am I, always craving elemental intensity to expedite emotional processing.

As my goose down vest was reaching that point of apology that all our insulating garments do, as the cold they’re fighting off for us starts winning, I turned to MORE

Dec 26, 2018


I know what it means to feel a fool.

“If a room has been in darkness for a hundred years and someone enters this room and opens the window, instantly light fills the room. It doesn’t even take a second for the darkness to leave. Similarly with us: The instant… MORE

Dec 22, 2018


I know about the treacherous path of entrepreneurialism and about staying committed to my vision in spite of the greatest naysayer of all, which has been my own mind.

I often say, if you want a 24/7 crash course in personal development, just start your own business!

I guess I’ve been in that school a long time… CLICK for MORE! MORE

Dec 18, 2018


I know world-renowned metaphysicians and Cherokee shamans, psychics, and acupuncturists from 300-year lineages.

I wouldn’t be as “ok” as I am today without MORE

Dec 14, 2018


I know about losing my most kindred of grandmothers.

Both the Holidays, and winter, can accentuate feelings arising from our losses.

Yet without loss, there would be no now vs. before, no now vs. later… there would be no differentiation to sustain MORE

Dec 10, 2018


I know the harsh sting of betrayal… from my first boyfriend at 14 spinning the bottle with another, to the man I considered the love of my life blindsiding me with the secrets of his nature.

But this is not going to be about those moments when I was blindsided… It’s going to be about the very fact I was blindsided, at all.

This is about our culture.

Why is it that MORE

Dec 6, 2018


I know about getting robbed by a heroin addict in the woods of Italy.

When I reflect on what it was like to travel alone in Europe, while still a teenager, what I see is a giant spiritual dryer in which I was tumbling around. The boundaries I’d yet learned about were fences around fields, not MORE

Dec 2, 2018


I know about losing my cat to kidney failure.

I spent the final 9 of his 19 years with him. A rescue cat named Rafer Johnson, he came off studious in his tuxedo coat and facial poise, was skittish around strangers, would only scratch me by accident, and his draping yoga couch poses had to have come straight out of the cuteness factor manual that I’m certain he’d stashed somewhere in our apartment, and studied while we were out.

I’m sure most of you reading this have MORE

Nov 28, 2018


I know about almost losing my best friend to spinal injuries from a car accident… when I was meant to have driven her home, instead.

We were teenagers at some cabin party down a… MORE

Nov 24, 2018


Click to find out what I’ve learned from a life dedicated to a preoccupation with what others might be thinking. MORE

Nov 20, 2018


I know 8 years of Catholic school, about Buddhism, Nonduality, and Judaism… just in case you were wondering! CLICK for Audio! MORE

Nov 17, 2018


I know about staring at the utter perfection of a breakfast table arrangement as though everything were sparkling me alive and eating up the concept of time, with no more fantastical a place to go in all the world… than right where I was seated. #Presence #Rocks Shot and composite work by my Johnny Fletcher!

Nov 13, 2018


I know about friends being dismembered in cars. CLICK for Audio and all the rest… MORE

Nov 9, 2018


When you’re true to your heart, that which is false, will eventually be shaken off… Click for my latest Confession! MORE

Nov 4, 2018


I know… bad acne.

In my early 20s, my skin problems were so bad that I even had customers I was waiting on, offer me tips… It’s not easy to have your literal face to the world be covered in the unsightly… maybe some of you can relate.

As I’m a big believer in the connectedness of all things, I often MORE

Oct 31, 2018


I know about losing countless friends to cancer.

And today is Halloween… That one day out of the year from which I’d like to extract the core theme, and plant it at the heart of every other day:

Pain and darkness are to be celebrated. For that is how we MORE

Oct 27, 2018


(Ok, maybe less of a confession and more some random facts!) I’ve been treated by Osho’s right hand man, have trained in Nonviolent Communication and Personal Dynamics, and have been saved by yoga, astrology, meditation, Tai chi, iridology, herbology, Network Chiropractic and Reiki. CLICK for Audio! MORE