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Apr 11, 2020


Here in this den of mine. Cheap luxury in red. Letting me control the reach of the sun. The air that can hit me. These long smooth things. How they shield my naked form from opossums and cars. As I reconstruct my perspective. As I feel gratitude for every breath I get to take. Unencumbered. Every paper towel I have left. Every frozen vegetable I can still throw in water. Click for More! 💚 MORE

Jul 13, 2019


A wit and a charm that would infect you like an airborne virus. A man who preferred you to be exactly your way. Quirks and existential crises, no matter. They were his playthings… Click for MORE

Apr 28, 2019


And when I had to strip off my ornaments and turn to all-black cotton to serve plates to strangers, that ring was the one piece of my expression permissible on the floor. CLICK for it all… MORE

Apr 21, 2019


She was thrilled when she found those shoes in Chinatown. And she continued wearing them right on through, their unsightly toe breakthroughs. Still as… MORE

Apr 13, 2019


“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.” – Jack Kerouac Or, climb that tree, if you’re a goat and you’re Tree Goat Media, my company. Ha! When I stare out the tech office window here in Belgrade, this eye stares back at me. Well, it’s obscured by tree branches, but its essence seeps through like continuous metaphor medicine nonetheless. A reminder that humans build technology, not the other way around. That humans get to control how much influence they allow technology to have over […]

Feb 23, 2019


They held hands with the sturdy obligatory grip of children on a field trip. Function and safety minus spark and flame. Click for the rest! MORE

Feb 16, 2019


I know about drinks with New Yorker art critics, department heads of the Metropolitan, famous comedians, Grammy winners, events among the cypress of the magnificent villas of Tuscany.

And guess what? It doesn’t… MORE

Jan 15, 2019


I know about almost losing my life atop an active volcano in a lightning storm. CLICK for the tale! MORE

Jan 9, 2019


I go not quietly. I go as perfume unidentified. A shelter of pulsating pink for those willing to disrobe their darkness. And make it a doormat. Before stepping in. My No is not an invitation. And my wall… MORE

Jan 3, 2019


I know about getting my work transformed into New York City Billboards. Ever in love with the out of scale, I’m just as inspired by a building sized metal sandwich as I am by a dollhouse miniature sized bowl of corn flakes. And yes, I am often inspired by food!

Merging scales – making something that is already a detail, larger than life – is an enticing motivator for me.

Back when a young artist new to the city, and developing my CLOSER collection, I decided that my photography would one day… MORE

Jan 2, 2019


They just aren’t for me. Those social constructs applauding the comfy shallows where the beast cannot be stirred, and consequently you grow… nowhere.

So how much small talk atop plush upholstery does it take, before MORE

Dec 30, 2018


I know about being greeted by a praying mantis on a deserted winter beach in New England.

I was heartbroken in my early twenties and visiting my sister at the inn she managed on Martha’s Vineyard. I took myself to a treasured beach to be alone with my thoughts in that perfect healing capsule that is crashing waves and harsh winds in combo… ever a witch am I, always craving elemental intensity to expedite emotional processing.

As my goose down vest was reaching that point of apology that all our insulating garments do, as the cold they’re fighting off for us starts winning, I turned to MORE

Dec 22, 2018


I know about the treacherous path of entrepreneurialism and about staying committed to my vision in spite of the greatest naysayer of all, which has been my own mind.

I often say, if you want a 24/7 crash course in personal development, just start your own business!

I guess I’ve been in that school a long time… CLICK for MORE! MORE

Dec 11, 2018


How sunshine can infiltrate your cells in a shadowy space, when you know how to remove the mind glaze, and really see what is there. Beside your hand. Hear. The bass as it… MORE

Dec 10, 2018


I know the harsh sting of betrayal… from my first boyfriend at 14 spinning the bottle with another, to the man I considered the love of my life blindsiding me with the secrets of his nature.

But this is not going to be about those moments when I was blindsided… It’s going to be about the very fact I was blindsided, at all.

This is about our culture.

Why is it that MORE

Dec 6, 2018


I know about getting robbed by a heroin addict in the woods of Italy.

When I reflect on what it was like to travel alone in Europe, while still a teenager, what I see is a giant spiritual dryer in which I was tumbling around. The boundaries I’d yet learned about were fences around fields, not MORE

Nov 28, 2018


I know about almost losing my best friend to spinal injuries from a car accident… when I was meant to have driven her home, instead.

We were teenagers at some cabin party down a… MORE

Nov 27, 2018


I was 19 and gifted a private tour of the marble mine from which Michelangelo had ordered his blocks. Creamy calcium-rich puddles were just begging for cereal beside their massive parents. I went off with my camera and… MORE

Nov 26, 2018


He heard somewhere that we are what we eat. So he questioned whether he’d rather be an artificially colored glazed donut with sprinkle bling or a gnarly raw head of something green. Whether he’d… MORE

Nov 21, 2018


I was probably about 12 years old when this seemingly inconsequential incident I’m about to describe went down.

So my catholic school navy blue sweater and grey pleated skirt had nothing on my after school and weekend attire at that time. I grew up in the age of neon, where a shirt might feature puffy paint in a shocking orange. I ask if I came into this world a colorist, or became a colorist by how I came into this world…

In any case, I had a pair of baggy neon pink pants with MORE