Oct 18, 2018


A retro dot in a wine shop
Meets my retrograding Venus
Reminding me I’m mad at Mars
For claiming fire for its own

I reel not in my vocal prickles
To appreciate red lipstick today
I drink not in the serene
Or throw my passion underwater
But instead ask
If I’m connecting all the dots
For following my intuition
Is now my duty

Am I contributing something
More inspired
Than candy dots on paper
And can play really take the stand
And win a trial
Of the sort that matters

And am I even capable
Of redefining beautiful
While sitting inside this agitated fire
That is now every woman

And can I help to build a cornucopia
Of applauded forms
For the new mankind
Forms interlaced with the direct
The piercing
The frighteningly transparent

Can I inspire a new sexy
And spread my wildfire
All around this town
And not regret it later

Let me just checkout

And do I have
My metrocard

© 2018. Sherry Mills, Inc

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