Dec 8, 2019


I wonder how often it is the case
That when one seems to have fallen off the earth
They’ve simply fallen more deeply into it
Friends, I have been falling in on the daily
More quietly than ever before 
And I’ve missed your perspectives on our world
As it explodes with change
Because my mind’s been walked into
By a self-possessed jaguar
Fixated on realizing
The fruits of endless rounds 
Of training humans
To train more humans
How to train the computer 
To understand our conversations
So that we can all get 
To the buried info and stories
That could help us
Algorithm art has stolen 
The part of my womb and heart
Reserved from childhood
For projects 
And no other
It has demanded 98% of me
Just for a little while longer
And I haven’t been able 
To prevent that other 2% 
From being claimed 
By Trader Joe’s hummus runs
Or watching Paul Rudd
By exhaling here and there
Or witnessing gorgeous drips down walls
And capturing them not
Or thanking my husband
For cooking our onions
And for continuing to choose me
Despite my short-circuiting
And momentary collapses
In the face of no evidence
Or even
In the face of 
The powerful evidence
We have now
But the clock
It keeps ticking
And the giants around me
They aren’t sleeping
So plane wings have to be 
My winter clothes into spring
And when not in Belgrade or LA
I relish our new NY
Where tree oxygen
Meets my 2%
And stars remind us
They were always there
And neighbors
Spill with generosity
And nourish 
My busy body
With what matters
In the quiet
Loud and strong
Where my jaguar
Roams around
And I am newly found

All my Love…

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