Jul 13, 2019


A wit and a charm
That would infect you like an airborne virus
A man who preferred you to be
Exactly your way
Quirks and existential crises
No matter
They were his playthings

Sophistication wrapped up in puppets
An active mind in a relaxed shirt
Nestled in a church of books
He could spin like the best politician
But left his talents to the loftier job
Of enclosing humor around the absurd
Of being the brazen head
That made all country recruits
Like me
Build up a backbone not unkind
And an admiration for the mastery
Required to elevate life’s grime
To that which is fertile and beautiful

He was the Seidenberg that I left
When the life I knew left me
But the Seidenberg who stayed
Inside my heart
Like a quiet pleasant plague
Ever since

So how could your heart
Reject a new start
When all it knew was to be free
And to beat steadfastly
To the music
Of the sweet dream you made

Oh No You Didn’t!
But you did
Walk to the other side

And the odds are
You’re still the nucleus
The storyteller around whom
They are all now gathering

May you bring the lucky many of us
Who had the space of you
Into your new narrative

And may you be washed
Through and through
With the love of the countless
You brought your unique sparkle to
On repeat
While still breathing on this side

I’ll forever be in your kitchen
For Bloody Mary Sunday
And feeling gratitude
For the ways you bettered me

RIP Seidenberg
You’re inside me
For keeps


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