Jun 1, 2019


I know about knee injuries, root canals, lazy eyes and thinning hair, blacking out, passing out, anesthesia, hyperventilation, food and water poisoning, and my ceiling falling to the floor at 4 in the morning.

But I’m still standing…. yeah, yeah, yeah. 😂

In both seriousness and seeming irony, though, I’m standing stronger and lighter in the face of life’s customary mini traumas thanks to the needles I’m putting in my body on the weekly: acupuncture needles, that is.

As the wise Zuo Zhang reminds me, there’s a reason the tradition has remained unaltered for thousands of years. And it’s not because of any resistance to change. It’s a classic example of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

I’ve found that my most profound shifts have come from the simplest of discoveries. In this case, even a tiny prick administered my liver point!

With my belly under a heat lamp, and one hour alone, tripping out to the sound of a clock… with that one hour uninterrupted I send my body repeat messaging that I acknowledge any prior neglect, and that I respect its intelligence to heal itself. In that one hour, I may soak my pillow in tears or drink in the ooey gooey now. But no matter the medicine called for, it will always involve my surrendering control and giving permission to my circle interrupted to again become whole.

Small things can have huge impact. And self-care is never the wrong choice.

I wish you all something small and huge today.

A close of your circle.

And a new kind of smile.


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