Oct 13, 2018


Some give credentials, I give confessions.

I’m here in the hopes of proving to you that your very life, is art. That right inside the mess of your broken heart, or in the mistakes, in the clashing, in the loss… is the greatest art of it all.

That discovery is where I’ve found my relief.

I’ve had so many things stripped away in my life, as surely you have, and the beauty in that is that any inauthenticity seems to get stripped out right along with it. Any striving to be perceived as something special dies very fast, when things suddenly get very real.

And so, I’ve decided to get naked for you! Naked with my relationship with life, up until this point…

Transformation occurs when we bring creative expression to the scene of any pain.

So over the next many weeks, I’ll be unlocking myself from my past through creative play before you. And my hope is that you’ll unlock things within yourself that have long been awaiting their license to be felt, so that you may find some deeper freedom, too.

The best way to follow the video shorts of this project’s roll out is my Instagram account.

The first Confession will be posted next week.

Here’s to the empowerment available us all when we have the courage to play hard.


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